The Evolution of a Card…

Some people may wonder where we get ideas for cards.  Are we just creative and look at a stamp, die, stencil, or embellishment and instantly know what to do?  I wish it was always that easy and sometimes it is.  It is always great when the picture in your head comes out and is the perfect card.  For me, it is usually a part of the card but I don’t have the complete idea yet.  So, I start and try to work out the rest of the card.

A good example would be our Halloween card for this year.  I knew I wanted to use the Tim Holtz Blueprint stamps.  I have two sets of them so I could use one set on black with white ink and the other on orange with black ink.  I could have used white with orange ink but I thought the images could get lost and I didn’t want to go monochromatic with just black & white.  I thought cutting the paper on a diagonal would be different. But, I didn’t have the words and embellishments sorted out.  So, I made a couple of cards that I liked but didn’t love.  I liked the dashes around the words on one of the cards and the orange mesh.  On the other card I liked the background behind the words.  So, I combined them and ended up adding some bats because the dots weren’t working as well as I would have liked.  They didn’t say “Halloween” to me and the brads were ok but I didn’t think that I had enough to make as many cards as I would like.  The bats definitely said “Halloween”.  I even played around with the words and decided horizontal worked better than diagonal. So, here is the final product.  A card that I am happy with and I will send out to friends and family this year.

Final Halloween Card
Card #1
Card #2



I started making cards in the 90's and have recently started creating again. It has been exciting to catch up on all the new techniques and tools that are now available! I also enjoy cross-stitching and any creative endeavor. I live in Carmichael, CA which is a suburb of Sacramento.

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