My “helper”

Here is Logan my “helper”.  He is a 12 year old “kitten”.  Until recently he had stayed off the table I set up for making cards but last weekend he seemed to discover it.  I was surprised he hadn’t “helped” me sooner.  I know when I cross-stitch he likes to be on the table in front of me leaning against my arm.  So, I am not sure his “helping” is going to work well with cards.  The table is pretty big and I guess I will have to leave room for him!  Next time he is on the table “helping” I will take a photo but in the meantime…




I started making cards in the 90's and have recently started creating again. It has been exciting to catch up on all the new techniques and tools that are now available! I also enjoy cross-stitching and any creative endeavor. I live in Carmichael, CA which is a suburb of Sacramento.

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