Getting back to “normal?!

Well, I got busy seriously making cards last year and then we had family move in with us for 4 months (the original plan was 2 months) which kind of turned the house upside down for awhile.  It made card making challenging as I couldn’t just leave everything “out” with a 2 and 5 year old around.  I miss coming home and being hugged at the knees by the 2 year old though!  They finally found a house, got the loan through and we helped them move & get into their new house.  We had a free weekend and it was nice getting the house back to ourselves, and the following Monday I found out my mom had broken her hip.  She is finally home and doing much better.  Did I tell you in the middle of all of this we made the decision to close our office and move the business home?!   Our lease was up at the end of April.  We have a mailhouse and mail out promotion for other companies.  We have been in business for over 20 years!  We plan to continue the business but on a smaller scale and slowly…transition into other businesses.  I want to focus on card making and Beth will be working on various internet businesses.  So, by tomorrow we should take the last load home and we’ll have a home office.  No more commute, double rent/mortgage & utilities, etc.  It is time for a NEW ADVENTURE!


I started making cards in the 90's and have recently started creating again. It has been exciting to catch up on all the new techniques and tools that are now available! I also enjoy cross-stitching and any creative endeavor. I live in Carmichael, CA which is a suburb of Sacramento.

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