The Evolution of a Card…

Some people may wonder where we get ideas for cards.  Are we just creative and look at a stamp, die, stencil, or embellishment and instantly know what to do?  I wish it was always that easy and sometimes it is.  It is always great when the picture in your head comes out and is the perfect card.  For me, it is usually a part of the card but I don’t have the complete idea yet.  So, I start and try to work out the rest of the card.

A good example would be our Halloween card for this year.  I knew I wanted to use the Tim Holtz Blueprint stamps.  I have two sets of them so I could use one set on black with white ink and the other on orange with black ink.  I could have used white with orange ink but I thought the images could get lost and I didn’t want to go monochromatic with just black & white.  I thought cutting the paper on a diagonal would be different. But, I didn’t have the words and embellishments sorted out.  So, I made a couple of cards that I liked but didn’t love.  I liked the dashes around the words on one of the cards and the orange mesh.  On the other card I liked the background behind the words.  So, I combined them and ended up adding some bats because the dots weren’t working as well as I would have liked.  They didn’t say “Halloween” to me and the brads were ok but I didn’t think that I had enough to make as many cards as I would like.  The bats definitely said “Halloween”.  I even played around with the words and decided horizontal worked better than diagonal. So, here is the final product.  A card that I am happy with and I will send out to friends and family this year.

Final Halloween Card
Card #1
Card #2


My “helper”

Here is Logan my “helper”.  He is a 12 year old “kitten”.  Until recently he had stayed off the table I set up for making cards but last weekend he seemed to discover it.  I was surprised he hadn’t “helped” me sooner.  I know when I cross-stitch he likes to be on the table in front of me leaning against my arm.  So, I am not sure his “helping” is going to work well with cards.  The table is pretty big and I guess I will have to leave room for him!  Next time he is on the table “helping” I will take a photo but in the meantime…



Wrapped All Up – my little secret…

Ok, in some of my recent cards (and some I haven’t added yet) I have used ribbon/garland as embellishments on my cards.  The silver stars on the star birthday card are an example.  I thought I would share with you where I get these items, it is a place that I love to explore.  It is in Rancho Cordova, CA which is near Sacramento (where I live).  It is called Wrapped All Up.

It is like fantasyland for crafters, gifters, party planners and more. Don’t expect some fancy retail store, it is not, it is a warehouse.  You walk in and the first small room is full of bags and gift boxes.  All kinds & sizes of plain and patterned cellophane bags, gift bags in white and craft (I used them for a baby shower and stamped them with a baby foot stamp).  There are also organza bags, small boxes (like to hold one chocolate truffle) to larger printed bags – many shapes & sizes.

You move into the next small room which is rows and rows of ribbon.  Solid colors, printed, wired, thin, wide, you name it.  Gauze, grosgrain, satin, raffia, tulle, characters and more.

From there you move into the warehouse…that is where I found the ribbon/garland (they call it puffy trim) last time.  I bought hearts, pumpkins, bats and one with little balls every inch or so.  You will also find every color and print of tissue paper you can imagine (they also have combo packs).  I always buy a couple of colors and have also purchased zebra and giraffe for cards.  There is also that crinkly cut paper for filling up gift bags (I used it for the baby shower and a wedding shower).  There is wrapping paper in huge rolls like you would see in the gift wrap area of a retailer (it takes me years to go through a roll, so you’d better really like the pattern!).

I am not affiliated with them in anyway, I just think that is a great place to check out and everyone should have one in their town.  There are advantages to going to the store – you get to see everything and you can buy things in smaller quantities.  They do have a website that you can check out here.  They aren’t open every day, so call ahead to find out their store hours.  Here is a card that shows the pumpkins and bats.


Halloween Garland

Organization & Inspiration

Saturday morning I was up early and on a mission!  I decided to cut down all of my 12 x 12 cardstock to 8 1/2 x 11 and get it organized.  The containers the paper was in just weren’t ideal and both containers kept falling over and didn’t fit anywhere.  The colors had also gotten mixed in with similar colors and it was just taking too long to find what I was looking for.  Well, it turned into an all weekend long project.

I cut down the paper and organized it by color, like planned.  But then, I decided to get all of my cardstock into one space (I had it in at least 3 different places) and get it all sorted by colors.  I didn’t stop there…next it was the patterned background paper.  Why stop there?!  I moved on to stickers, brads, buttons, eyelets, and other embellishments.  I put dabs of color on my Radiant Pearl jars, so I knew what colors I had without taking the jars out.  I got rid of paper I am never going to use and products that have dried up or I don’t use anymore.

In doing this I became inspired…

I have so many papers and embellishments I have forgotten I had!  Things like porcelain ovals and rounds that you stamp on and embellish to make Christmas ornaments.  I had forgotten how pretty Radiant Pearls are!  They don’t make them anymore but they are like a iridescent paint and came in many colors.  And the brads – hearts, leaves, etc., not mention the eyelets – pumpkins, bunnies, leaves, hearts and more.  I forget about using background paper and have a tendency to make my own with stamps – I have some really cool stuff!

And my paper…wow, I have a lot of paper!  It is all in see-through containers by color order now.  My scrap paper is all in a drawer by color.  Just makes me want to start making cards!


Exciting new challenges!

We have been busy designing new cards and learning new techniques.  Recently we started checking out some of our favorite stamp companies websites and discovered “challenges”.  Basically they come up with a theme for the challenge and people design cards based on that theme and upload pics to their site.  This week we entered the Hero Arts challenge which was creating a single-layer card & you had to use at least one Hero Arts stamp.  Hero Arts is one of our favorites so finding stamps that could be used for the challenge wasn’t hard.  It doesn’t sound hard to create a single-layer card, but we have been using multi-layers for so long it took some thinking to figure out the best way to go about it.  We came up with a couple of cards that we have entered – a one-layer Halloween card and a one-layer 4-seasons tree card.

In addition, we also designed a card for a Simons Says challenge that just had to be “sparkly”.  We entered a glitter butterfly stained-glass card.  We learned the technique years ago and it creates amazing results but all that glitter gets pretty messy!  We had the butterfly image that we hadn’t created a card with so we were able to make up a card rather quickly.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the butterfly stamp so can’t create that exact card again but do have other stamps that would work great with that technique. See our pics below…happy stamping!

016 (2) (1)
One-Layer Halloween Card
One-Layer 4 Seasons Tree Card
Stained-Glass Glitter Butterfly

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our new website!  After much trail and error and with a little help from our friends our new website is here!

Come back often and check out our newest creations.  Over time we will be adding other handmade treasures for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions please let us know!


Diana & Beth


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