Cards are delayed but are coming…

Well, two weeks ago I was gung ho to get some cards made for friends & family that have been requesting them.  I got a good start and was in the middle of a batch of 10 thank you cards and then wham my old friend bronchitis paid a visit.  I call it an old “friend” because I used to have it every winter as a child and young adult.  I haven’t had it in many years so it was quite a surprise.  Needless to say, it knocked me a good one and I am still recovering, so much for getting lots of cards made!  I did finish up the 10 thank you cards I had started though and it looks like I will have time this week to start creating again!  This has been a crazy 9 months and, like I have said before, I am ready to get back to “normal”!

Thank You Cards


I started making cards in the 90's and have recently started creating again. It has been exciting to catch up on all the new techniques and tools that are now available! I also enjoy cross-stitching and any creative endeavor. I live in Carmichael, CA which is a suburb of Sacramento.

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